Frequently Asked Questions.


How long have you been operating?

We established our business in 2004. Actual operation have more than 12 years experience in the cleaning industry.


How can we be sure that we will get what we pay for?

A planned cleaning specification is prepared, tailor-made to meet your requirements. We calculate the time required by assessing details such as floor covering, area, staff density, type of operation and frequency. If we underprice, our invested cleaners will not agree to take on the work. In the cleaning industry (as a general rule) the cheaper the price, the less time will be spent on your premises.


Is there any charge for you to come out and see us?

Our visit, survey and resulting planned cleaning specification are free of charge.


How can we be sure our premises are in safe hands at night?

Our system of selecting committed cleaners, prepared to back their work with their own money, underpins their reliability. All keys are tagged and security coded.


How long can we expect the same cleaners to work on-site?

Sunshine AAA cleaners agree to look after a Client for at least 1 year. In practice the average time is much longer. You are introduced to them at commencement and are given their contact details.


Do the cleaners have liability insurance cover?

Sunshine AAA holds a public liability insurance to a maximum claim of $5,000,000.


How do you ensure that we are happy with the cleaning service?

Our approach to Client communication is proactive rather than reactive. We phone you each week to ensure you are happy with the service as well as conducting on-site inspections from time to time.


What if I am dissatisfied?

The Sunshine AAA system has been designed to ensure that you get the best quality cleaning services first time, every time. If something isn't done to your complete satisfaction… we will do it again for free.


Can you organise other services such as carpet or window cleaning?

Yes. Our aim is to be your facilities management partner.



We will price beat 10% on any genuine quotation!

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